Destiny 2 Beta Impressions

Destiny 2 Beta Impressions


The Destiny 2 beta continues to rage on and now today it opens up thousands of more Guardians on PS4 and Xbox One, if you registered on the website that is. If not, head on over the Destiny Website and register for your Open Beta Code. Don’t delay too long as come Sunday night the Destiny 2 Beta is gone for good until the full game’s release in September.

With that I’ve had a few days during the Closed Beta to mess around with the game and get some early impressions of what the new offering from Bungie has to offer as I pre-ordered it for PS4.  I may look to getting it for PC as well in order to provide a comparison  between the console and PC platform at a later date.

Sadly the Destiny 2 Beta isn’t available for PC until August.


Right out of the cinematic gate when you land on what is left of the Tower, you can see a HUGE graphical improvement over Destiny 1. I believe this is where you will see one of the many things that the last gen PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms held back D1 on PS4 and Xbox One. Without having to cater to the non-existent ability for certain lighting effects, and the lower memory allowance, Destiny 2 looks rich, full and vibrant.

Destiny 2 Beta Tower

Destiny 2 Beta Traveler

Destiny 2 Beta Water & Light Effects





Character models have also gone through a major upgrade. The primary antagonists, the Cabal, have a more lumbering look to them, with more defined armor for their space turtle frames. Or Space Rhino’s as Ghost affectionately refers to them as now.

The Vex units also look more menacing and look to have eaten a few cheeseburgers since Destiny 1 as they are now bigger and thicker. A definite contrast to their anorexic selves in D1.

No real info or images regarding the Hive in Destiny 2 thus far. Just a few glimpses from the videos Bungie has teased over the past month. I’m sure we will see them in the world on Patrols or missions when the full game launches in September.


The gameplay is exactly what you’d expect coming from Destiny 1, fast, quick, furious shooting. Plenty of enemies to soak your bullets into and fun class abilities and super’s to chain together and create some visual style.

The demo does do a little bit of lore-breaking as the new class abilities and supers are in play, where you didn’t have them D1. Would be nice if D1 would do a small update to the new classes a month before launch to kind of bridge the gap. But either way, they feel fleshed out, new, and fit the universe of Destiny.

On the topic of gunplay, this time around the weapon selection tiers are probably one of the most changed elements thus far. In Destiny 1 there was your Primary Weapons, Seconday Weapons and Heavy Weapons.

This time around your Primary and Secondary are of the same similar subsets of Primary weapons, but are now divided by Kinetic and Energy subsets.. Your Heavy is now the Secondary/Special weapons.  So this now gives a Guardian two main types of Primary firing weapons with varying damage and impact capabilities, and tying them to different ammo pickup types.  This should hopefully limit the times you accidentally forget to pickup ammo and need to rely on a secondary weapon subset. It also now clearly separates weapons that provide a special damage type component, Arc, Solar and Void, making it easier to select the right weapon on-the-fly that much quicker.

Destiny 2 Beta Titan Primary Weapons Destiny 2 Beta Titan Seconday Weapon

An example of this is if you choose a Titan, you will see that you start with a Pulse rifle, Auto rifle and Scout Rifle under the kinetic weapons. Your special weapons are a Hand Cannon, Sub Machine gun and an Auto Rifle all with a different energy coefficient. These were previously part of the Primary Subset in Destiny 1 regardless of any energy type or not. On your Heavy weapon side you get a Shotgun and Grenade launcher. This change now re-classifies the Shotgun as a Heavy weapon. Balancing wise I feel this is a smart move allowing Run-and-Gun shot-gunners a reason for it to feel OP as it is now a Heavy weapon with limited ammo and not having to continue to tweak the weapons damage as much for the crucible.


As we only get the first mission and a strike to play around in, and there isn’t a whole lot of depth that we are given. It does, however, pack quite a punch and leaves you wanting more.

We do know that we will be going up against the Cabal’s Red Legion and their leader Ghaul, or Gary, whichever you prefer. We see that Ghaul has shielded the Traveler and thus has cut off the Light from Guardians and Ghosts alike, and we are left for dead.

“Welcome to a World without Light”

Welcome to a world without Light Guardian Loses His Light Ghost Light Link Lost




The available Inverted Spire strike gives us an answer that somehow we are able to re-establish our link to the Light or another source thereby reactivating our Ghost, our powers and immortality.


I think it is safe to say that Bungie has worked hard to redeem themselves of what many critics and players had to say about Destiny 1, especially the story. From playing the Homecoming mission, between the cinematic and story progression, we are seeing that there is now a fleshed out story and is displayed and played out how an AAA title is expected too.

With the dropping of the last gen consoles from Destiny 2, we are seeing a graphically far superior gaming experience and from the news about how Destiny 2 is being developed regarding ‘Play Spaces’, I believe we will all see the game we were hoping Destiny 1 was to be for exploration and size of the planets.

Only time will tell how long the main campaign against the Red Legion will be, and what lies beyond the story to keep players interested and farming up those epic loots.  Bungie has already listed that there will be two DLC’s planned, and I’m sure there will be more afterwards depending on when and how long Destiny 3 will be developed.

The Destiny 2 beta definitely delivers a much needed summertime gaming boost and should be something any FPS gamer should at least try this weekend. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m sure it will help quell some fears and mend some wounds for Destiny 1 players that gave up on the game.

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