Call of Duty WWII Beta Upcoming

Call of Duty WWII Beta Upcoming


Activition’s yearly FPS giant, Call of Duty, is nearing ever closer to its multiplayer Beta test.  Returning to the WWII era they had previously said they would never go back too, many longtime CoD fans are eagerly anticipating his release.  Infinite Warfare was perhaps the first franchises first real failure as it was blasted by many fans from the moment it was announced.  To be fair, it wasn’t that bad of a game.  I believe its just a case of fans having enough of this future fantasy setting and wanting to get back to something familiar.  It also didn’t help at what a huge success Battlefield 1 was.

All that is set to be erased as Call of Duty returns to the era that made it a blockbuster, World War II.  The series looks to make a reboot into the WWII era and perhaps supplement the original Call of Duty game stories.

As for the multiplayer beta test, fans that have pre-ordered the game on Playstation 4 will enjoy the first closed beta a few days early starting August 25th thru August 28th.  Sony looks to put that exclusive first purchase to the full extent.
A second round beta will launch on September 1st and go through September 4th for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. No word yet on when the PC Beta will be released, but I’m sure the master race won’t mind waiting a little longer.

And of course everyone’s favorite Zombie mode makes its return with Nazi Zombies.  Check out the trailer released below.

Call of Duty WWII releases on November 3rd for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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